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Number 1 Albums - 1960s

Our main database does not give the precise date that a record reached the Number 1 spot. That situation is remedied here. The tables below list the running total of different number 1s, the date the track reached the peak, artist name, song title(s) and weeks at the summit.

The dates given below are for 'week ending'. Note that you can quickly and easily find the 'realtime' Number 1 for any given date via our date engine

(See the faqs for the difference between 'week ending' and 'realtime' Number 1.)

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1812 MarFreddy CannonThe Explosive Freddy Cannon1
re19 MarOriginal SoundtrackSouth Pacific19
1930 JulElvis PresleyElvis Is Back1
re6 AugOriginal SoundtrackSouth Pacific5
2010 SepOne Hundred And One StringsDown Drury Lane To Memory Lane5
re15 OctOriginal SoundtrackSouth Pacific13

2114 JanElvis PresleyG.I. Blues (OST)7
re4 MarOriginal SoundtrackSouth Pacific1
re11 MarElvis PresleyG.I. Blues (OST)3
re1 AprOriginal SoundtrackSouth Pacific1
re8 AprElvis PresleyG.I. Blues (OST)12
re1 JulOriginal SoundtrackSouth Pacific4
2229 JulGeorge Mitchell MinstrelsThe Black And White Minstrel Show4
re26 AugOriginal SoundtrackSouth Pacific1
re2 SepGeorge Mitchell MinstrelsThe Black And White Minstrel Show1
re9 SepOriginal SoundtrackSouth Pacific1
re16 SepGeorge Mitchell MinstrelsThe Black And White Minstrel Show1
2323 SepShadowsThe Shadows4
re21 OctGeorge Mitchell MinstrelsThe Black And White Minstrel Show1
re28 OctShadowsThe Shadows1
244 NovCliff Richard & The ShadowsI'm 21 Today1
2511 NovGeorge Mitchell MinstrelsAnother Black And White Minstrel Show8

266 JanElvis PresleyBlue Hawaii (OST)1
2713 JanCliff Richard & The ShadowsThe Young Ones (OST)6
re24 FebElvis PresleyBlue Hawaii (OST)17
2823 JunOriginal SoundtrackWest Side Story5
2928 JulElvis PresleyPot Luck5
re1 SepOriginal SoundtrackWest Side Story1
re8 SepElvis PresleyPot Luck1
re15 SepOriginal SoundtrackWest Side Story1
3022 SepKenny Ball, Chris Barber & Acker BilkThe Best Of Ball, Barber And Bilk1
re29 SepOriginal SoundtrackWest Side Story3
re20 OctKenny Ball, Chris Barber & Acker BilkThe Best Of Ball, Barber And Bilk1
3127 OctShadowsOut Of The Shadows3
re17 NovOriginal SoundtrackWest Side Story1
re24 NovShadowsOut Of The Shadows1
321 DecGeorge Mitchell MinstrelsOn Stage With The George Mitchell Minstrels2
re15 DecOriginal SoundtrackWest Side Story1
re22 DecShadowsOut Of The Shadows1
re29 DecGeorge Mitchell MinstrelsThe Black And White Minstrel Show2

re12 JanOriginal SoundtrackWest Side Story1
re19 JanShadowsOut Of The Shadows2
332 FebCliff Richard & The ShadowsSummer Holiday (OST)14
3411 MayBeatlesPlease Please Me30
357 DecBeatlesWith The Beatles21

362 MayRolling StonesRolling Stones12
3725 JulBeatlesA Hard Day's Night21
3819 DecBeatlesBeatles For Sale7

396 FebRolling StonesRolling Stones No. 23
re27 FebBeatlesBeatles For Sale1
re6 MarRolling StonesRolling Stones No. 26
4017 AprBob DylanThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan1
re24 AprRolling StonesRolling Stones No. 21
re1 MayBeatlesBeatles For Sale3
re22 MayBob DylanThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan1
4129 MayBob DylanBringing It All Back Home1
425 JunOriginal SoundtrackThe Sound Of Music10
4314 AugBeatlesHelp9
re16 OctOriginal SoundtrackThe Sound Of Music10
4425 DecBeatlesRubber Soul8

re19 FebOriginal SoundtrackThe Sound Of Music10
4530 AprRolling StonesAftermath8
re25 JunOriginal SoundtrackThe Sound Of Music7
4613 AugBeatlesRevolver7
re1 OctOriginal SoundtrackThe Sound Of Music18

474 FebMonkeesThe Monkees7
re25 MarOriginal SoundtrackThe Sound Of Music7
4813 MayMonkeesMore Of The Monkees1
re20 MayOriginal SoundtrackThe Sound Of Music1
re27 MayMonkeesMore Of The Monkees1
re3 JunOriginal SoundtrackThe Sound Of Music1
4910 JunBeatlesSergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band23
re18 NovOriginal SoundtrackThe Sound Of Music1
re25 NovBeatlesSergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1
re2 DecOriginal SoundtrackThe Sound Of Music3
re23 DecBeatlesSergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band2

506 JanVal DoonicanVal Doonican Rocks But Gently3
re27 JanOriginal SoundtrackThe Sound Of Music1
re3 FebBeatlesSergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1
5110 FebFour TopsFour Tops Greatest Hits1
5217 FebDiana Ross & The SupremesDiana Ross & The Supremes Greatest Hits3
539 MarBob DylanJohn Wesley Harding10
5418 MayScott WalkerScott 21
re25 MayBob DylanJohn Wesley Harding3
5515 JunAndy WilliamsLove Andy1
5622 JunOtis ReddingDock Of The Bay1
5729 JunSmall FacesOgden's Nut Gone Flake6
5810 AugTom JonesDelilah1
5917 AugSimon & GarfunkelBookends5
re21 SepTom JonesDelilah1
re28 SepSimon & GarfunkelBookends2
6012 OctHolliesThe Hollies' Greatest6
re23 NovOriginal SoundtrackThe Sound Of Music1
re30 NovHolliesThe Hollies' Greatest1
617 DecBeatlesThe Beatles (The White Album)7

6225 JanSeekersBest Of The Seekers1
re1 FebBeatlesThe Beatles (The White Album)1
re8 FebSeekersBest Of The Seekers1
6315 FebDiana Ross & The Supremes With The TemptationsDiana Ross & The Supremes Join The Temptations4
6415 MarCreamGoodbye2
re29 MarSeekersBest Of The Seekers2
re12 AprCreamGoodbye1
re19 AprSeekersBest Of The Seekers1
re26 AprCreamGoodbye1
re3 MaySeekersBest Of The Seekers1
6510 MayMoody BluesOn The Threshold Of A Dream2
6624 MayBob DylanNashville Skyline4
6721 JunRay ConniffHis Orchestra, His Chorus, His Singers, His Sound3
6812 JulJim ReevesAccording To My Heart4
699 AugJethro TullStand Up3
7030 AugElvis PresleyFrom Elvis In Memphis1
re6 SepJethro TullStand Up2
7120 SepBlind FaithBlind Faith2
724 OctBeatlesAbbey Road11
7320 DecRolling StonesLet It Bleed1
re27 DecBeatlesAbbey Road6

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